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Ocean County Boy Scouting

Tom Smith,
(District Chairman - Friendship District) (609) 597-6350

The following list includes the requirements for the various scouting programs in our area as well as the meeting times and places of the different units in Southern Ocean County.

There is no requirement to live in a specific town or area. A child can join any unit that is convenient, regardless of residence. Boy Scout units are non sectarian. Sponsoring agencies such as churchs, schools or organization are not affilited with the scout programs other than to provide a location and charting organization.

Age Requirements:

        Tiger Cubs -            Boys in First Grade
        Cub Scouts Pack -       Boys in Second and Third Grade
        Webloes -               Boys in Fourth and Fifth Grade
        Boy Scouts Troop  -     Boys ages 11 through 18 years
        Explorers Post -        Young men and women ninth grade 
                                through 21 years old.

Pack   7   St Theresa's Church,       Tuckerton       Monday evenings
Pack  18   Ethel Jacobson School      Surf City       Monday evenings 
Pack  32   Holy Innocents Church      Beach Haven     Thursday evenings
Pack  42   St Stephens Epic Church    Waretown        Thursday evenings
Pack  56   Community Bldg             Forked River    Monday evenings
Pack  61   Stafford Intermediate School               Friday evenings
Pack  65   United Methodist Church    Manahawkin      Wednesday evenings
Pack  66   St. Mary's Church (W.Bay)  Barnegat        Thursay evenings
Pack 117   Methodist Church           West Creek      Wednesday evenings
Pack 156   Lacey Elks Lodge           Forked River    Wednesday evenings
Pack 421   St Pauls United Methodist  New Gretna      Wednesday evenings

Troop  23  Oxycocus School            Manahawkin      Monday evenings
Troop  26  Barnegat First Aid Squad   Barnegat        Wednesday evenings
Troop  32  Holy Innocents Church      Beach Haven     Tuesday evenings
Troop  42  Waretown Elementary School Waretown        Thurday evenings
Troop  56  JCP&L Power Plant          Forked River    Wednesday evenings
Troop  56  JCP&L Power Plant          Forked River    Wednesday evenings
Troop  65  United Methodist Church    Manahawkin      Friday evenings
Troop  66  Recreation Center          Barnegat        Thursday evenings
Troop  94  St. Pius Church Hall       Forked River    Thursday evenings
Troop 117  West Creek Church          West Creek      Thursday evenings
Troop 156  Lacey Elks Lodge           Forked River    Monday evenings
Troop 232  American Legion Hall       Barnegat        Monday evenings
Troop 421  Elementary School          New Gretna      Wednesday evenings
Troop 539  1st United Methodist Church Tuckerton      Wednesday evenings

Post   5   Barnegat       "Law/Government & Public Service"
Post 140   Manahawkin     "Health Careers" Southern Ocean County Hospital
Post 232   Barnegat       "General Interest"
Ship 370   Beach Haven    "Sea Exploring"

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