Review: Burnley FC’s New Partnership with W88

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I’ve just come across some thrilling news that’s bound to get Premier League enthusiasts buzzing. Burnley FC, as they gear up for their highly-anticipated return to the top flight, has announced a new shirt sponsorship deal with none other than W88, a major player in the sports betting and online casino industry.

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Now, this isn’t just your everyday partnership. For starters, both the men’s and women’s first teams will be donning shirts with the W88 emblem, representing a brand synonymous with trust, integrity, and top-notch entertainment. For fans familiar with the Premier League landscape, W88’s involvement is a testament to the club’s ambition. After all, having backed numerous teams in their successful league campaigns, W88 brings a wealth of experience and credibility to the table.

But here’s the cherry on top: this collaboration goes beyond just the shirt. With visibility slated across the iconic Turf Moor on matchdays and a commitment to community engagement, this partnership is set to leave a lasting impact. It’s delightful to see a sponsor that’s not just there for brand visibility but is genuinely invested in the club’s growth and community welfare.

Director Stuart Hunt’s words only amplify the significance of this association. As he rightly pointed out, such partnerships play a pivotal role for newly-promoted clubs in staying competitive in the Premier League. And with W88’s track record, it’s safe to say Burnley is in good hands. Plus, with football legend Vincent Kompany at the forefront, there’s a heightened sense of excitement for the upcoming season.

In a nutshell? Well, Burnley fans, it seems like exciting times lie ahead! If this partnership is anything to go by, the Clarets are not just here to play; they’re here to make a statement. And for those keen on getting a piece of this new chapter, the 2023/24 home kit drops in mid-July. Mark your calendars!

Until then, keep the passion alive and stay tuned for more. Cheers to football and Burnley’s promising journey ahead! ⚽

Burnley FC: The Clarets’ Journey Through Football

Burnley FC, affectionately known to their fans as the Clarets, boasts a rich history and tradition in the world of football. But what makes this Lancashire club so special? Let’s dive in.

A Brief History

Early Years

Burnley Football Club began its journey in 1882. Since then, this club has witnessed highs and lows, but their spirit remains unbreakable. From their humble beginnings, Burnley embarked on a path that would see them become a significant name in English football.

Transition to Top Flight

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but Burnley’s tenacity saw them climb the ranks. By the 1920s, they established themselves in the First Division, the precursor to today’s Premier League.

Turf Moor: The Fortress

Every club has its hallowed ground, and for Burnley, it’s Turf Moor. Since 1883, this iconic stadium has been the backdrop for countless memorable moments. Can you feel the roar of the crowd just thinking about it?

Iconic Players

Jimmy McIlroy

One can’t speak about Burnley without mentioning Jimmy McIlroy. This Northern Irishman’s playmaking skills made him a legend, etching his name into the club’s folklore.

Tom Heaton

In recent times, Tom Heaton emerged as a modern-day hero. His goalkeeping prowess played a pivotal role in Burnley’s successes in the 2010s.

Notable Achievements

League Titles

Burnley’s resilience and determination bore fruit when they clinched the First Division title twice, first in 1921 and then in 1960.

Other Honors

Beyond league titles, Burnley has had its share of cup runs, including their FA Cup victory in 1914.

The Modern Era

Premier League Adventures

Burnley’s recent stints in the Premier League have been nothing short of remarkable. Against the odds, they’ve shown they can stand toe-to-toe with the best.

European Pursuits

Remember when Burnley qualified for the Europa League in 2018? That European adventure rekindled memories of their past European exploits.

Burnley’s Fanbase

Supporters Clubs

The heart and soul of Burnley lie with its fans. With supporters’ clubs spread across the world, the Clarets’ reach is global.


Every club has its rivals, and for Burnley, there are a few. But one stands out:

Lancashire Derby

The matches against Blackburn Rovers, known as the Lancashire Derby, are feisty affairs. The rivalry, passion, and pride on display are unmatched.


Burnley FC’s Future

The future looks bright for Burnley. With a rich history behind them and an unwavering fanbase, the sky’s the limit. So, the next time you hear the name Burnley FC, remember the legacy, the passion, and the undying spirit of the Clarets.


  1. When was Burnley FC founded?
    • Burnley FC was founded in 1882.
  2. How many times has Burnley won the First Division?
    • Burnley has won the First Division title twice.
  3. Who are Burnley’s biggest rivals?
    • Blackburn Rovers are considered their fiercest rivals, especially in the Lancashire Derby.
  4. What is Burnley’s home ground called?
    • Burnley plays their home matches at Turf Moor.
  5. Has Burnley ever played in European competitions?
    • Yes, most notably, they qualified for the Europa League in the 2018-2019 season.


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